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Belle   April 25th, 2017   Gallery Pretty Little Liars Season 7

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The Review

Let’s begin with this: this episode didn’t give us any answers. They promised us that we would have answers at the end of every episode but… NOTHING! It’s frustrating because we all want answers, but I felt like we had nothing this episode. Don’t get me wrong, it was great, but I felt like something was missing. We now have even more questions! I don’t know how it’s even possible.

At least we got more Emison scenes, and more importantly: Haleb. Until now, I keep wondering how can A.D. keep track and stalk ALL the girls at once? that makes me believe that A.D. is a group of people instead of a single person because that’s way too much. I don’t know who I felt the most for: Aria or Hanna. A.D. made Hanna remember all the horrible times she was kidnapped & tortured by Noel for honestly nothing! This makes me so frustrated.

Can we talk about how upsetting and annoying Ezra is right now? I understand that Nicole being alive is a big deal but seriously, you asked Aria to marry you. So be there for her, it’s hard but she is now involved in this. I am glad that Holden is back, he’s such a good friend for Aria! But I keep thinking, maybe it would be a good idea for Aria to end up with someone else rather than Ezra, he currently doesn’t deserve Aria.

Overall I liked the episode and I’ll take whatever I can take with PLL, I’m not ready for it to end yet. But I want answers, I don’t want more questions, I WANT ANSWERS. I demand answers (lol). Hopefully the next 8 episodes will give us answers!

The Stills & BTS

I updated the gallery with the episode stills and behind the scenes of Pretty Little Liar’s 7×12 ‘These Boots Are Made For Stalking’! Check them all out on our gallery using the link below.

Belle   April 19th, 2017   Gallery Pretty Little Liars Season 7

I’ve added to our gallery the amazing screencaptures of Pretty Little Liar’s newest episode entitled Playtime. Check out the caps on our gallery using the link down below.

After hearing the news that Nicole is alive, Aria and Ezra have to deal with the fact that Nicole is back in Ezra’s life and what that means for them. Spencer, fresh from being shot presumably by A.D., must now deal with the repercussions of being told that Mary Drake is her biological mother. Alison must cope with the news of her pregnancy as Emily tries to stay by her side and guide her through the next steps. After spending a romantic night together, Hanna and Caleb will explore where they go from here.

Belle   April 19th, 2017   Pretty Little Liars Season 7

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The Review

Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!
Pretty Little Liars is finally back! In case you missed, I’ll be live tweeting almost every week the last 10 episodes of PLL on our twitter @Adoring_Benzo! This episode was a great start for the beginning of the end. A.D. finally created a board game for the liars, and by the looks of it, maybe each episode will focus on a specific move/game of each liar. I have a feeling that maybe each liar will have to give something up for the game to keep going and I can’t wait to see what will happen.

Let’s start with: I’m SO HAPPY that Toby (Keegan Allen) is ALIVE! And well, he’s still in the hospital but at least he’s alive right? I seriously doubted that Marlene would kill his character, he’s one of her favorites! but I’m glad they didn’t make us wait to figure out if Toby would die or not.

We learned important pieces of the mystery puzzle that is Rosewood & the Liar’s life. On the first episode we do confirm that Ali (Sasha Pieterse) is indeed pregnant (and man, Ali + pregnancy hormones = scary) and that Mary Drake is in fact Spencer’s mom. Spoiler… ops! Sorry.. not sorry. But one thing made me really mad, so Veronica (Lesley Fera) adopted Spencer out of the blue and people in town never noticed that she was never pregnant but suddenly had a new baby. That wasn’t really nice, they should’ve gone into depth. Maybe telling that she might’ve been out of town for a year or something. That was the thing that kept bugging me ever since she told the story.

Ohhhh and Emily (Shay Mitchell), Paige (Lindsey Shaw) and Ali working at Rosewood High is so intense. But I will admit that it’ll be fun to watch, because we all want Emison to be endgame but having Paige there all the time will create some drama which adds more to the show. Not being the A.D. drama is kinda refreshing for some reason.

And can I just say that Ezra is being an ass? Paige and Ali too, but Ezra is getting on my nerves. I want Ezria to be endgame but this thing with Nicole is so complicated. I think that the appearance of Nicole again is just unnecessary drama. Is a different situation than Toby + Yvonne (Kara Royster), it was clear that Ezra wanted to marry Nicole but since she was missing he decided to go with Aria. I think that’s wrong of him [*cough* actually that’s a mistake from the writers]. And why is Holden back on the show? Maybe they decided to definitely end Ezria to maybe end the series with Aria and Holden? Maybe… Oh well, I guess we’ll see. At least we get to see another handsome face.

Well overall I’m really happy with this episode and I can’t wait for more!

Belle   April 15th, 2017   Gallery Pretty Little Liars Season 7

It’s here! the episode stills from the second part of the last season of Pretty Little Liars were released. I updated the gallery with said pictures, you can find them using the link down below.

Belle   April 12th, 2017   Pretty Little Liars Season 7

I updated the gallery with the newly released key art for the last 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars to our gallery! Ashley’s art reads ‘liar to the end‘! You can find the picture on our gallery down below.

Belle   December 15th, 2016   Pretty Little Liars Season 7

The first teaser trailer for the new and final season of Pretty Little Liars was released! Check it out down below!


Belle   August 31st, 2016   Pretty Little Liars Season 7

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The Review

Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!

I watched this episode twice before writing this. TWICE. I honestly don’t feel like I should write an extensive review, because this episode is AMAZING and I really don’t want to give away spoilers. If I can be totally honest, I loved this episode as much as I hated it. PLL is coming to an end and I don’t know how I feel about this yet, I like that we will be getting answers though.

The DArkest Knight kept me on my toes almost the entire episode, I laughed, I freaked out and I also cried: tears of joy and sadness. This summer finale was incredible, and also very disturbing/infuriating! My favorite couple is back together, my second favorite (I’ll let you figure which couple I’m talking about) made my heart brake.

All I can say is: stop whatever you are doing and watch it! It is REALLY worth it. So, for this week & summer finale, I will say no more: just go watch it. And comment below what you thought of this episode!


Browse through the screencaptures of tonight’s episode using the gallery link below!

Belle   August 24th, 2016   Gallery Pretty Little Liars Season 7

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The Review

Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!

OMG Hanna is SUCH A BAD ASS. This episode made me actually REALLY happy but REALLY frustrated at the same time. We had so many great answers, and thankfully Aria in bed with Jason was only a flashback! Yes I had to put it out there, it was just a huge relief!

As we saw on the end of the last episode Hanna went out to get revenge on Noel. The girls only NOW believe that he is the one behind all this. Only just now! I wouldn’t blame Hanna for wanting to go out and get justice. Unfortunately, she could get help from the girls but they wouldn’t believe her until now.

Remember Archer and the person that made the police think that Archer is still alive? Well, supposedly this person made a track for him that made him go all the way to France. Which means that this is all in the hands of the French Police! Maybe we won’t hear about this person for a very long time… Luckily now Marco (that hottie that Spencer hooked up after fighting with Toby) finally asked her out and what she said? No. C’mon Spence! You deserve happiness.

Noel is screwing everything up for the girls, Emily seems distance from Sabrina after she freaked out because Noel made an order for a red velvet cake. I honestly don’t think that’s a big deal to be honest but Emily thought it was and totally freaked out. She says she wants to protect Sabrina, so my guess would be: break up with her. Unfortunately no relationship in PLL is safe with A, Charlotte, A.D. or whoever is bullying them.

Aria’s flashbacks to her relationship with Jason made me a little bit confuse and weird. Because from their conversations she got together with him when she “just graduated” but at the same time she told him she hadn’t talk to Ezra “in years”. But they left it blank to when they got together: was it when she was in college? Well, clearly it didn’t work out because Aria always loved Ezra. And faith was lucky enough to let her work for the publisher that works with Ezra’s books.

Enough with Jason & Aria together as a couple! In this episode Aria tells Jason about Mary’s other child. So they both go to the Courthouse to find more about the adoption of Mary’s other child. And guess what? the files were blacked out. The important data is gone forever but they left the judges name and guess which judge handled this case? Noel’s father. My theory is that Noel IS Mary’s second child.

Meanwhile, Hanna tracks down Noel and finds out that he trashed Sara’s cellphone. She recovers it and asks him to meet her at a bar. Naive Hanna thought that putting something in his drink would knock him out, but honestly, who would drink something from someone that hates them? Noel is smart, I’ll give him that. He also managed to steal the cellphone from her.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how Emily and Paige are SO GOOD together? Sabrina is a nice person but Paige always had Em’s back, Paige has been back for a few days Emily already told her about A.D. Well, not everything but she told her: “it’s happening again”. Hopefully we will see more of the two of them together in the future!

Spencer manages to get Noel’s address and she goes there with Emily. The two of them find a very important pen-drive that had footage of the girls in the dollhouse. And Noel appeared on the footage! If they turned this in to the police Noel would be arrested.

A storm hits the city and the whole city ends up with no electrical power. Well you would think that the girls would save the pen-drive in a safe place right? And save a backup somewhere right? Nope. That’s the frustrating part: THEY DIDN’T. And of course someone stole it. FROM SPENCER’S COMPUTER. WHY, I mean.. HONESTLY! The liars could be a little bit more cautious right? But we finally get AMAZING news (OK maybe not amazing but great): Nicole wasn’t rescue. It is selfish because Ezra will be heart broken again but this is certainly easier for Aria. And let’s be honest: for everyone.

This episode ends with an amazing thing: Hanna being more smart than Noel and hitting him in the neck, making him unconscious. I honestly can’t wait for the next episode to air, I’m sure this summer finale will be AMAZING.


You can check them out using the link below.

Belle   August 18th, 2016   Pretty Little Liars Season 7

Read at your own risk!

Before we begin I wanted to say I am really sorry this post is late! When this episode aired I was actually on a plane going back home so I wasn’t able to watch it until yesterday. Hopefully this will never happen again!

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The Review

Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!

Can’t I just start with how mean the writers were with us? They almost gave us a heart attack! Caleb being ran over in the promo was shocking enough, and starting the episode with it was so mean. Luckily this was only a dream! A extremely weird one, and poor Hanna, hasn’t she been through enough already? At least we had a really cute Haleb moment, it was definitely a way to give back to us fans (I hope).

This episode focused on Noel and his weird appearance in Rosewood, and Hanna is almost sure that he is the one behind everything. Therefore, from what I picked up, Hanna also thinks Noel can be Charlotte’s brother. Not only that, but this episode also talks a lot about Ezria and the Nicole thing. Aria’s relationship with Ezra is in a really bad shape in the beginning of the episode. Since she told him that she lied to him and deleted Nicole’s fault.

Ezra was mad, but I am sure that he would probably do the same thing if he was in Aria’s place. In the end, Aria used the money they were going to spend on a trip to Italy to elope and got him tickets to Columbia so he can go and see if Nicole is still alive!

Ali is back at teaching at Rosewood High, and of course the students had to pull a prank on her. Poor Ali, that was awful of them, she was a bitch in high school but she never deserved to be treated so bad after what that Archer/Rollins did to her. Imagine if Emily gets the coaching job for the swimming team? And another ex comes into picture in this episode: Paige. I loved Paige and how good she made Emily so when they broke up I was definitely sad.

Aria and Spencer went looking for this mysterious doctor Noel had a connection with and they ended this guy’s daughter. She wasn’t crazy about helping them, however, Noel or A.D. wrecked her office and she gave them the address to her dad. And what a creepy dude! I honestly think this doctor wasn’t any help at all since he didn’t even know the sex of Mary’s second child. He was a lost cause to finding who A.D. is!

And one of the weirdest things that happened in this episode was the return of Mrs Grunwald returns! Apparently she had a bad dream about Hanna and Caleb. She claimed she sensed a darkness around them both. While talking to Mrs Grunwald Hanna tells her that she is completely sure that Noel is behind everything. Grunwald tells Hanna that the source of her darkness is very VERY close and guess who was behind Hanna at that moment? You guessed it! Noel. And what does Hanna do to get his attention? Drops a glass of course. What was incredibly weird was that Mrs Grunwald had a vision of Hanna’s torture while touching her hand and looking directly at Noel. Could he REALLY be behind all this? Or could he only be a puppet of the master mind?

After her meeting with Grunwald, Hanna gets all the girls together to explain why she thinks Noel is behind all this and once more they don’t believe her and ask for more proof. Again, poor Hanna, I really don’t see why the girls wouldn’t believe in her! Everything does points to Noel but they want more proof? Ali decides to break in Rosewood High’s principal office to get Noel’s file, and it had a note: “I warned you bitches. Do you really want to end up dead?”.

Which lead to the big mystery of this episode: Hanna’s mysterious phone call! The next day she visited Caleb to tell him she is going away to NY for some business, and we had the cutest Haleb moment ever! All that was left was a kiss. Exes and OMGs ended with a twist: Hanna in a dark place covering the windows, what could she possibly be planning? I can’t wait for next week’s episode!


You can check them out with the link below.

Belle   August 10th, 2016   Pretty Little Liars Season 7

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The Review

Warning! I may have given away too much spoiler writing this review, so be aware!

I find very interesting that the people that died in PLL hardly ever stays dead. When will this show stop bringing people dead to life? And there are SO MANY twists is so hard to keep up! However, we have to love PLL because it always has something to add to the plot. Original G’A’ngsters was a very interesting episode, I personally thought we would only be focusing on Jason’s return, but we actually ended up discovering a bunch of new things.

In my personal opinion, I am still not sure about Mary Drake and her whole story. Sometimes I just stay here thinking she might be inocent, but sometimes I have a lot of doubts. And can we talk just a bit about Jason’s long hair & beard? This was a look I wasn’t expecting from him, but it suits him well. I just loved how Jason is all “this is my proprety get the hell out” to Mary! Alison is a girl that lacks family love and attention so her relationship with Mary wouldn’t be different in my opinion.

Relationships updates (maybe my favorite part): Toby & Yvonne are still happy and strong. Spencer is completely heartbroken, Hanna and Caleb TOTALLY had a moment. I strongly wished they would just give up and stay together again! Ezra and Aria… oh Aria! Poor Aria can’t just have a break! [HUGE SPOILER AHEAD] Remember that Nicole call? Guess what, the FBI thinks she’s alive. And I know that Ezra will eventually find out about that call that she deleted, and the shit will hit the fan (sorry but was the PERFECT sentence to use).

[HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD] One thing that I really liked about this episode was that we were REALLY close to finding out who A.D. is! Ali’s aunt had a storm shelter that she used as a lair to find Ali! And because the liars were close to finding out A.D.s identity, he/she got really pissed and blew literally everything. And I am still here sitting on my chair wondering why A.D. would burn Noel’s files! And huge plot twist: Mary had another child! So A.D. must be this child, and just like Hanna said: “Great, another one of your cousins trying to kill us.” What’s up with the DiLaurentis family?

And Noel… so handsome but so not trust worthy! He broke in Toby’s home and hurt Yvonne really bad just to steal Mary’s files, and I wonder why. Maybe Noel is A.D. but I personally don’t think the writers would give us A.D.s identity this easily, so it must be someone close to him.

Overall this was a very interesting episode, I really liked it! [BIG SPOILER AHEAD] Oh and did I mention that Aria and Jason were a thing once? Yes, this actually. My final thoughts on this episode still are: who on earth killed Charlotte?!


You can check them out using the link below.

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