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Belle   May 1st, 2017   Gallery Pretty Little Liars Season 7

It’s here! Finally I added the high quality screencaptures of the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars entitled ‘These Boots Are Made For Stalking‘ to our gallery! Feel free to browse through the amazing screencaps, this is one of my favorite episodes so far from season 7B.

Belle   April 29th, 2017   2017 Candids Gallery

Ashley was seen outside Barney’s after a shopping trip in West Hollywood, California. She looked stunning in leggins and sunglasses! Check out these paparazzi candids on our gallery using the link below.

Belle   April 26th, 2017   2017 Candids Gallery

Ashley was seen yesterday having lunch with a friend at Artisan Cheese in Studio City, California. Check out these paparazzi candids on our gallery using the links below.

Belle   April 25th, 2017   Gallery Pretty Little Liars Season 7

Read at your own risk!

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The Review

Let’s begin with this: this episode didn’t give us any answers. They promised us that we would have answers at the end of every episode but… NOTHING! It’s frustrating because we all want answers, but I felt like we had nothing this episode. Don’t get me wrong, it was great, but I felt like something was missing. We now have even more questions! I don’t know how it’s even possible.

At least we got more Emison scenes, and more importantly: Haleb. Until now, I keep wondering how can A.D. keep track and stalk ALL the girls at once? that makes me believe that A.D. is a group of people instead of a single person because that’s way too much. I don’t know who I felt the most for: Aria or Hanna. A.D. made Hanna remember all the horrible times she was kidnapped & tortured by Noel for honestly nothing! This makes me so frustrated.

Can we talk about how upsetting and annoying Ezra is right now? I understand that Nicole being alive is a big deal but seriously, you asked Aria to marry you. So be there for her, it’s hard but she is now involved in this. I am glad that Holden is back, he’s such a good friend for Aria! But I keep thinking, maybe it would be a good idea for Aria to end up with someone else rather than Ezra, he currently doesn’t deserve Aria.

Overall I liked the episode and I’ll take whatever I can take with PLL, I’m not ready for it to end yet. But I want answers, I don’t want more questions, I WANT ANSWERS. I demand answers (lol). Hopefully the next 8 episodes will give us answers!

The Stills & BTS

I updated the gallery with the episode stills and behind the scenes of Pretty Little Liar’s 7×12 ‘These Boots Are Made For Stalking’! Check them all out on our gallery using the link below.

Belle   April 21st, 2017   2017 Gallery Public Appearances

Yes you read the title right, I added more 36 high quality pictures of the red carpet of 2017’s Freeform Upfront! You’ll find all the pictures on our gallery, you can use the link below to find them.

Belle   April 21st, 2017   2017 Candids Gallery

I updated the gallery with some missing candids! On one album I just added two more pictures, another album is completely brand new.

Belle   April 20th, 2017   2017 Gallery Public Appearances

I updated the gallery with another 16 high quality amazing pictures of 2017 Freeform Upfront’s red carpet that happenes yesterday. You’ll find the pictures on our gallery using the link down below.

Belle   April 19th, 2017   Gallery Pretty Little Liars Season 7

I’ve added to our gallery the amazing screencaptures of Pretty Little Liar’s newest episode entitled Playtime. Check out the caps on our gallery using the link down below.

After hearing the news that Nicole is alive, Aria and Ezra have to deal with the fact that Nicole is back in Ezra’s life and what that means for them. Spencer, fresh from being shot presumably by A.D., must now deal with the repercussions of being told that Mary Drake is her biological mother. Alison must cope with the news of her pregnancy as Emily tries to stay by her side and guide her through the next steps. After spending a romantic night together, Hanna and Caleb will explore where they go from here.

Belle   April 19th, 2017   2017 Gallery Public Appearances

Ashley and the cast of ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ attended their last Freeform Upfront as the cast of PLL today. They all looked so amazing! Check out the pictures I found so far on our gallery down below.

Belle   April 19th, 2017   2017 Candids Gallery

Ashley was seen out grabbing a Starbucks iced drink and taking selfies with fans in Midtown, New York. She looked great and radiant! Check out these paparazzi candids on our gallery down below.

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